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By Simply Richard Maguire about November 4, 2016

No issue how quick and also practical any develop could build, inside every small thing we make, we should be aiming from clean, tight joints. I’ve been a very long time obsessive involving Japanese woodworking. Getting our rough board and also getting… It’s the beginning, therefore we possess got the chapter full of timber prepping. I don’t like excuses regarding shoddy joinery. Sometimes I just lay in there… but as usual, with our Facet Table Series we… Study more ->

Hand ToolsSawing

Through Richard Maguire upon September 13, 2016

I’ve been standing together with my workbench again. read much more ->

GeneralWoodworking Joints

by Richard Maguire upon September 8, 2016

How confident can you really feel trusting glue for edge joints? Throughout classic woodworking the vast majority of the particular glue bonds we do will involve some mechanical strength, plus a well cut joint will hold together without… Study more ->

Premium Videos

by Richard Maguire about September 16, 2016

We’re always stumped at how much to cover within our videos as we’re well conscious that there are a lot of expensive technique based videos available. Regarding hand instrument woodworking, we truly can not necessarily be without them, so your skills using a chisel ought to be accumulated early. I… read much more ->

Buying ToolsHand tools

By Simply Richard Maguire in October 28, 2016

Chisels are a easy tool. With least not really within my opinion. Study more ->

Hand PlaningPremium Videos

by Richard Maguire in July 21, 2016

Flattening Boards By Simply Hand today we got started along with Chapter 1 in our Aspect Table Series. along with think. Study much more ->

. This evening I watched an automobile park… after any lovely sunny, Sunday afternoon, all you’ve got to demonstrate is twenty-odd, randomly dovetailed corners. Some… read a lot more ->


by Richard Maguire upon August 31, 2016

Dear Helen, I understand I’m challenging to perform with, as well as my concept of enterprise will be not truly that regarding the others of the world. However that chisels do you… Nevertheless if you could listen I’d always be many grateful. simple however useful. Study a lot more ->


By Simply Richard Maguire in August 5, 2016

A Glue that Slides I acquire inquired the fair previous bit, why do you use liquid hide glue? Folks often comply with up; to ensure that it will not really feel similar for you to their asking any daft question, by simply answering it… Study much more ->


by Richard Maguire in August 12, 2016

Cutting joint after joint isn’t the actual greatest method to learn. Strangely I’m on the actual web sites for quite a lot. Regarding probably the particular most component my Marples..


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