Finding Salvaged Lumber and Old Wood

The cedar board utilized to construct this birdhouse ended up being 1″ thick (known as being a 5/4 thickness). Use a brief portion of reclaimed and stripped copper electrical wire to be able to hang the birdhouse from the tree or perhaps pole.

. Then attach the trunk portion associated with the wooden birdhouse.

Lay out the initial layer regarding roof slats, starting in the peak in the birdhouse roof after which working down in your direction of the particular side. Toe nail the actual slats in to place.

Repeat the construct of the slats on the second side, overlapping the advantage associated with the many notable slat around the very first side as demonstrated in the birdhouse diagram.

Lay out the 2nd layer involving roofing slats, using care for you to overlap virtually any joints on the lower level. Repeat using the third layer, once again utilizing treatment to overlap and joints inside the layer below.

Hang the finished wooden birdhouse utilizing two galvanized eye bolts, screwed in for you to the roof peak approximately one ¾” through every end. Any metal detector is actually very helpful to find along with removing components of steel and iron. The Actual roof slats must overhang along facet it simply by about ½”. Place the front section in place, and also attach to the attributes along with nails or even screws. Attach the particular entrance guard on a bias to be able to form a new diamond shape. Mark the useable sections involving lumber, as well as cut away split or perhaps damaged sections.

Cut the particular wood stock in to the next dimensions. Many re-used wood has lost its original moisture, nevertheless could end up being damp coming from publicity for you to rain as well as snow.

Inspect the wood for nails, screws or perhaps every other foreign objects that can damage reducing edges along with cause injuries. Depending around the width in the slats, it may end up being required to cut your width of a slat to suit properly. Claw as well as screws the medial side pieces together.

Center and also drill single ½” hole via the front section and the entrance guard. When using a ¾” thick stock, improve the width regarding the side pieces to 4 ¾” wide.

Birdhouse Dimensions:

Front — 5 ½” L x 5 ½” W

Back — 5 ½” L x 5 ½” W

Sides — 4 ½” W x 5 ½” L (Qty of four needed)

Roof Sections:

8 ½” L x 3/8″ Thick

Widths change from 1 ½” in order to 4″ W as well as cut for you to fit

Entrance guard

3″ L x 3″ W (1 ½” diameter entrance hole)

Position the sides together in order to form any square as shown within the diagram.

Building this hanging wooden birdhouse needs just fundamental woodworking abilities along with hand tools, and re-using outdated wood really assists to decrease the expense along with keeps useable lumber out of the landfill.

An exterior cedar trim board rescued from the remodeling job provided sufficient material to make several little birdhouses.

The roofing and entrance hole guard ended up being cut in the hardwood slats of a discarded delivery pallet.

To develop this small birdhouse, start with cleaning off the old wood with a stiff bristle brush to remove virtually any dirt or perhaps free paint, as well as allow it dry indoors with regard to several days before beginning the actual wooden birdhouse project


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