Liquid Nail or Carpenters Wood Glue?

Held very well I cannot pry it apart together with my hands. Fell apart ….No resistance from all. utilizing my hands.

I glued collectively 2 cedar wood samples using רהיטים בתל אביב each glue.



Then I position the samples outside and soaked them water 3 days…3 occasions each day using a garden hose. I allow them to dry pertaining to 3 days. Snapped apart simply using fingers

Liquid Nails Hefty Duty: AWFUL.

On day 6, I did my basic pull test…

Loctite Wood 510 : POOR. I just do the six day glue test making use of :

Titebond II wood glue,

Liquid Nails Hefty Duty along with

Loctite Wood 510 ….

TITEBOND II may always be the ONLY GLUE that I use regarding wood which gets wet !

Titebond II : VERY GOOD


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