Carpenter ants are in a dead tree that we cut down.?

and once their colony can be basically destroyed where there meals supply eliminated (rotten wood) that they is likely to be gone. I utilized to cut firewood on a normal basis and carpenter ants are not uncommon. These People need your protection of your hollow log in order to thrive…. 1 or 2 “worker” ants is certainly not any huge deal…

Just don’t move the wood indoors too right after cutting…. The Actual solution you might be looking for can נגרים בכפר סבא והסביבה be just for you to split the wood along with stack it outdoors

Bottom line is that once anyone cut up the logs, split the particular pieces directly into firewood, toss out the actual wet/rotten pieces of wood, along with stack the great wood…. or even you might drive them inside together with you. you have effectively destroyed your ants home plus they will either die or transfer on. so long as you don’t obtain the queen נגרים מומלצים בכפר סבא ant inside there is actually not a new danger of them creating a fresh colony.

. absolutely no ant colony. Zero queen ant laying new eggs..


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